FO Friday: Another Bubble Up Beanie with a Bonus Topper

I had made a couple of the DMC Top This! hats for a friend’s daughter a year or two ago.  Her older stepdaughter expressed interest in one, but wanted me to somehow incorporate blue into the hat, so the project languished for a bit while I focused on grad school and my day job. It wasn’t that I was putting off making the hat necessarily. I think I was just overwhelmed with other areas of life and trying to track down yarn that matched the dog topper she wanted but also had the requested blue was time consuming. I just sort of kept it on my to do list for ages. That is, until this week!


The DMC Top This! hat toppers are cute, and I like their variety to choose from.  The yarn in the kit just isn’t my favorite,  and quite honestly,  there isn’t enough yarn to actually make a large kid hat, let alone an adult hat, out of the quantity included.   As a result, I usually end up buying two kits in order to have enough yarn, or I just simply toss the yarn and pair the topper with yarn of my choice.  The latter is my preferred method.

After deciding I had procrastinated long enough,  I went in search of a variegated skein that included white, tan, and the requested blue. The closest I could come to yarn that met these requirements was Red Heart with Love Stripes in the Sandbar Stripe colorway.  The yarn is a worsted weight, 100% acrylic, self stripping yarn.  I don’t really enjoy knitting with acrylic, but I needed the hat off my to do list and my options were slim.  And I have to give a little credit where it’s due – the yarn isn’t too bad.  It doesn’t seem squeaky like acrylic can sometimes be, and it also doesn’t split easily.  If I had use for acrylic again, I’d consider it.

I paired it with the Bubble Up Beanie pattern by Nicole Tsou, because I enjoyed the messy bun hat I made a few weeks back and had already essentially memorized the pattern, which made knitting on the go easier. US8 and US9 needles were used with the Magic Loop method.

I lucked out with the color changes in the stripes – they came close to where I would have swapped out colors with separate skeins if I wasn’t being a lazy ass by using the shortcut self striping yarn provides.  Apparently my friends don’t hate it, as after sharing a pic on Instagram I now have an owl and a lamb hat on my to do list.

To break up all the hat knitting I have been doing lately, I cast on the Gradient Band Cowl by Joji Locatelli, and I’ll share pics of that project soon.  It is knitting up much faster than I thought it would given the fingering weight yardage required.

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