Coming to the Blog in December: Advent Calendar Palooza

2018 seems to be the year of the advent calendar, so it is no surprise that I succumbed to the craze.  I purchased not one, not two, not three…but four different craft related packages.  I don’t know what came over me – I don’t even really like Christmas!  I do like craft supplies, though, so I feel justified in splurging. (Note: I have a special talent for justifying pretty much any shopping.)

So, what did I buy?  Behold the advent calendar station in my living room!


Now, you may be asking yourself if I have forgotten how to count.  After all, I said I bought four, but that picture clearly only has three. What gives?  The fourth one just hasn’t arrived, yet.  And it turns out that it isn’t a countdown to Christmas anyway, it’s a 12 days of Christmas package from Simply Gilded, and I was only today years old when I actually figured out that the 12 days of Christmas starts on Christmas and goes through January 5th. Uh…now what do I do?  Do I open it when it gets here anyway to include it in the palooza? Wait, open it when I am supposed to, and the palooza will just last forever?  Decisions are hard, man.

As I contemplate what to do for that one, I should introduce you to the ones that I do have in hand.  Pay careful attention to the packaging.  These companies deserve some credit for knocking it out of the park.


First up, Jimmy Beans Wool presents Craftvent, a delightful 24 day calendar that provides amazing indie dyed yarn, notions, and a Joji Locatelli pattern to make.  The box is pretty adorable, and I will definitely find a way to use it in the studio once the little drawers are empty.  We should start a pool on whether or not I will keep up with the knitting every day. Chances are, I will be knitting this box all the way until 2019’s advent calendar palooza.


Next up, we have Cricket Paper Co’s Cricketmas.   Not only are there 24 individually wrapped planner supplies, there is a bonus envelope for Christmas Day.  The packaging for this one also included a string and mini clothespins to hang the little packages up along, but user error prevents me from displaying them that way.  I just couldn’t get the string hung up in a way that held the weight of the packages, and I broke several cloth pins with my Fred Flintstone hands trying to get the pin on the string.   They still look pretty cute in that bowl, though.  And, they included stickers for your planner to remind you which package to open up every day.  Sweet!


The third box is the 12 Days of Burton box by So Berry Busy.  This shop is quickly becoming a favorite as the hand drawn artwork is amazeballs.  You’ll see the creativity in the packaging, as this box includes 12 days of planner supplies inspired by the work of Tim Burton.  I mean, the package includes Beetleguese sign, grass, and a shovel.  The tiny shovel put it over the top for me.  I was dead.   I can’t wait to see what these items look like.

So tune in here, every day in December, to see what’s in these calendars.  I am having such a hard time not tearing into the packages now, the anticipation is almost too much.  The only thing I have left to decide is whether each calendar gets their own post each day, so that the knitting peeps only have to read the knitting posts and the paper crafting crowd can skip the knitting and get to the planner supplies, or I just post all of them in one post, sections and organization of this blog be damned.


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