Advent Calendar Palooza: Cricketmas Day 24

These posts might get confusing.  If you read the blog this morning, you saw day 1 of the Jimmy Beans Wool Craftvent calendar.  In this post I am going to take a peek at the first package for Cricket Paper Co‘s calendar, Cricketmas, but we are starting at day 24. That’s because Cricketmas was designed as a countdown instead of using the traditional advent calendar structure.  We’re smart people, though, and I have faith we’ll keep it all straight.

So, here we are – day 24 of Cricketmas!


This is smart.  Given Cricket Paper Co sells decorative and functional planner stickers,  I expect for there to be many stickers in the coming days.  Starting with a sticker album to hold them is a pretty good idea.  They are also very popular in the planning community right now, so getting one for what is essentially free is nice!

I probably do leave a little sparkle everywhere I go, but it’s probably a combination of dog hair from The Sausages and left over debris from whatever I was just working on in the craft room.  I am guessing that is not what they meant with the sentiment on the cover of the album.

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