Advent Calendar Palooza: Jimmy Beans Craftvent Day 1

The palooza is here!  I cannot tell you how hard it has been to not peek inside all the various packages while I waited for December first to get here.  The many days of staring longingly at the advent calendar shelf gave me quite a bit of time to think about how to structure all of these posts, as I was debating (and frequently changing my mind) about having a single post per day for each calendar or combining all various calendar packages into one.  Since I am writing this, I actually have to decide now, so I think for the ease of organizing this place,  I am going to go with separate posts for each calendar. That means throughout December there will be two or three posts each day, and I will try to keep them fairly short and to the point.  Unlike this paragraph that has gone on forever.

To kick the palooza off, let’s take a look at box one of the Jimmy Beans Wool Craftvent calendar.


Whoa, that’s a surprise!  Didn’t Namaste go out of business a couple of years ago?  I am pretty sure they did.  Either they are back in business, or Jimmy Beans had a secret stash of Oh Snap bags hidden somewhere.  Let me pause this post to go confirm…hold, please.

Okay, so the scoop is that Jimmy Beans actually bought Namaste and brought it back out of retirement.   Read all about it in the Jimmy Beans blog post here.  What a pleasant turn of events!  Namaste was one of the few bag companies that actually understood knitters and what we find useful in a bag, so it is nice to have them back in the market.

The color of the Oh Snap bag is very pretty, even if it is hard to see the beauty given how wrinkly it is from being folded into the tiny cube.  I have always loved the no snag closures by way of snaps and the visibility to see what was in the bag from this line.  To be honest, I use my Oh Snap bags for all kinds of non-crafty things, such as packing chargers and cords for travel.  Having another one around the house will be super useful.  I can’t imagine this can actually function as a project bag for the wrap this calendar kit is making, though. There won’t be enough room.

I like that there are little cards in the box explaining the item.  The packaging game is strong here and I continue to be impressed now that I have started opening.  I hope there is a card in each box.

There is nothing for me to actually hold in the bag or knit today, so I guess that wraps up day one for this calendar.

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