Advent Calendar Palooza: Cricketmas Day 23

Today’s package from Cricket Paper Co. was a brilliant set of stickers to help with planning out your weekly kits for 2019.


If you shop for planner supplies in any way resembling the way I do, you probably sit down to plan and find yourself with 10 kits for the week of Halloween, a duplicate set of A Christmas Story kits for Christmas week, random kits that can only be used during the summer, and zero kits you can use for the week you are actually on.  That’s why these stickers will be helpful.

Grab some clear plastic page protectors, label them with these stickers, and then sort your existing kits into the week you plan to use them.  Now, here comes the important part….go buy kits ONLY for those weeks where you have a need.  (I know, I just made the game of sticker kit roulette less fun.  Maybe we’ll save money this way, though.  That’s good, right?)

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