Advent Calendar Palooza: Jimmy Beans Craftvent Day 6

Today I am starting a whirlwind five day trip, so the advent calendar posts the next few days may be a little on the short side.  The brevity is not a reflection of my excitement,  but rather due to pure time crunch and distraction with non-crafty things.  Before I take off, though, let’s look at day 6 of Craftvent.


Sweet!  It’s a little Manos del Uruguay in their Allegria base.  True story – my very first “luxury” yarn purchase was the Manos silk blend, and I was forever hooked.  It is even still in my stash because I can’t bear the thought of using it all up.  I realize this is silly because I can just buy more, but I still feel like I need the perfect pattern for it.

Craftvent provided a black colorway.  Luckily, it’s a small amount because knitting with black yarn doesn’t pair well with also going blind. We’ll just pretend any mistakes I make in that section because I can’t see are intentional design elements.

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