Advent Calendar Palooza: 12 Days of Burton Day 1

We finally are just 12 days away from Christmas, which means we get to start opening the 12 day advent calendars.  First up is the 12 Days of Burton box by So Berry Busy. Please excuse me while I fangirl all over Blaine’s artwork.  I find her skill for hand drawing to be amazeballs.

The 12 Days of Burton box follows So Berry Busy’s character Fang as he explores the world of Tim Burton films.  I expect to find Fang visiting the cast of The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, and maybe even a little Pee Wee or Alice in Wonderland.

In envelope 1, we start off with stickers clearly inspired by the Nightmare Before Christmas.


The date night stickers are cute.  I also like the page of arrows.  Because I want you to see the details on that second page, here’s a close up of the whole sheet.


I am not sure if the entire box will coordinate or not.  By the time I open a few more, we might get a better feel for how this box is going to shake out.

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