Advent Calendar Palooza: 12 Days of Burton Day 12

For the last day of 12 Days of Burton, So Berry Busy gives us a whole kit!


I appreciate that the kit incorporates many of the characters from Burton movies into one place.  I like that it has date covers, full boxes, lots of quarter and half boxes, and a weekend banner – all of the elements I use the most in a kit.

Let’s talk about the advent calendar as a whole.  For the 12 packages, I paid $59.99 CAD, which was around $44 USD after the conversion.  For that price,  we got tons of stickers, washi, notepads, and die cuts.  As all of this was unique, hand drawn art, so I think the price was very reasonable.

As for the content itself, I am a Tim Burton fan (clearly, or I wouldn’t have purchased it) so I will use most of the items, but I do think it was heavy on Nightmare Before Christmas.  I would have appreciated a bit more balance given how vast the movie empire to pull from is.

I would purchase an advent calendar from this company again,  if the theme is different.  I do think it was marketed for a very niche audience, so I don’t know that I would have gifted this year to anyone, but should next year be a broader theme I absolutely would gift it to planner friends.  Blaine has a very unique style and I think it is totally different than other products on the market

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