Advent Calendar Palooza: Jimmy Beans Craftvent Day 24

We’ve made it to the final day!  For day 24 of Craftvent, Jimmy Beans gave us finishing material.   There’s a darning needle for weaving in ends, a tag you can see on, some beads for tassels if you want them,  and a package of Soak.


The finishing items are a nice touch!

Now that all 24 boxes are open, let’s evaluate the advent calendar as a whole.  For the cost of $150, I received over 1100 yards of lyxury yarn by popular dyers, a Namaste bag, a set of needles, a Joji Locatelli pattern, and finishing accessories.  In addition,  I got the fun of opening a package every day, a super cute storage box, and a choice of colorways when I ordered. Compared to other yarn based advent calendars I saw on the market, this one was a pretty good value.

In terms of potential drawbacks, if you were to buy this as a gift and the recipient was a very picky knitter, they may not enjoy the mystery knit-a-long pattern or the limited color choices.  It was also hard to keep up with the knitting every day, so expectations should be kept in check about the pace of the project.

I would definitely buy another one next year, provided it was a different pattern.  I would also give as a gift, since most of the knitters I know are not of the picky variety.


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