Advent Calendar Palooza: Cricketmas Finale

Merry Christmas,  everyone!  Today is my final advent calendar post.  I am looking forward to returning to the regularly scheduled programming of the blog filled with pictures and finished projects, but this month has been fun.  The advent calendar palooza was filled with surprises, even if it was a challenge to post every day around my schedule.

Today, Cricketmas gets the final palooza post because they were the only calendar that included a bonus Christmas gift.  And today, Cricket Paper Co gave to me, a full weekly kit!


This was a particular delight because I buy Cricket Paper Co kits all the time.  I just like Erica’s design aesthetic and choice of artwork.  The fact that it matches the same color palette as the rest of the Cricketmas stickers means I will be able to stretch this kit out over multiple weeks.

Let’s assess Cricketmas as a whole.  I paid $45 for the calendar and got a sticker album, 2 washi rolls, a luggage tag, pin, magnet, deco clip, washi card, 2 sticky note pads, an adhesive pocket, 2 decals and many, many stickers in that album hiding from view. Was it a good value?  Yes, yes it was.


I would guess that I’ll use a good 75% of the contents and will rehome the remainder to other planners.  I loved that everything coordinated together in a color palette that wasn’t Christmas specific.   I would definitely buy this again if another one is offered next year, and would also be comfortable giving this as a gift.

And that, my friends, wraps up the Advent Calendar Palooza!



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