FO Friday: Golden Pear Hat

While the blog was busy focusing on the advent calendar palooza, I actually finished a knitting project!  I had been meaning to knit a baby gift for a coworker that was pregnant, but I kept putting it off.  I procrastinated so much I actually had to finish knitting it and weaving in ends while on the train to work the day before she started maternity leave.  Despite all my planning efforts, I just can’t seem to get ahead of the curve on making gifts.


This hat uses the Golden Pear pattern by Melissa Thomson, but I chose to use only two colors instead of the three the pattern calls for.  I did this because I knew I was going to use the lamb topper from a DMC Top This kit, and the lamb really only has two colors in it.  (Side note, I am finishing up the exact same pattern for an owl topper, and I used three colors in that one.  Don’t be afraid to modify patterns when needed!)  I am not a huge fan of the yarn in the Top This kits, though, so I swapped out Cascade 220 Superwash in Laurel Green and Aran colorways.  I used US6 needles for the ribbing and US7 needles for the body of the hat.

I really enjoyed this pattern and I think this might be my go to baby gift for awhile.  Perhaps I will learn from experience and knit a few to have on hand for baby showers in the future and I won’t have to spend my train ride weaving in ends at the last minute again.  Probably not, though.

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