Knitter in the Wild: Seattle

True confession time. I wrote the blog post below back in December. I was so overwhelmed with finishing grad school that apparently I didn’t actually publish the post. (A 4 day capstone residency in a couple of weeks and I am done!) Imagine my surprise when I opened up the blog to write a new post about Pinners to find a long dusty draft staring back at me. Now, this might embarrass some people enough that they would just scrap the post all together and delete it, hiding their shame from the world. But nope, not me. I am going to go ahead and publish it as is, 4 months later, without even editing it to reflect a more current intro. This is real life, my readers. My real exhausted and sleep deprived life. Hopefully everyone will still enjoy the photos anyway. And with that shame now exposed, here we go…

Earlier this month I took a quick trip up to Seattle to visit friends and to check out the city as I had never been. I was only there for 48 hours, but I managed to fit in a lot in those hours!

I feel like I went to Pike Market multiple times – mostly for food. Of course I walked through it for the flying fish, the gum wall, and to check out all the vendors, but I feel like I the food is what kept bringing me back. Mac and cheese at Beechers and breakfast at The Crumpet Shop were highlights, and I even stopped in the first Starbucks despite my aversion to coffee.

Two museum stops included MoPop and the Chuhily Garden and Glass. MoPop was a highlight for me because it included Pearl Jam and Nirvana exhibits, which made my early 90s grunge girl heart sing. I was also pleasantly surprised by how interested I was in the SciFi and Fantasy exhibits. SciFi really isn’t my jam for TV or movie watching, but I can still appreciate the memorabilia. They had a light saber, for heavens sakes! When you visit, make sure to high five Chris Cornell on the way out!

The Chuhily museum was breathtaking. I had admired Chuhily’s work on the ceiling of the Bellagio in Las Vegas for years, so getting to see so much of his work up close was really inspiring. I’ll let you decide which picture below I dubbed “The Flying Penis.”

A trip to Seattle wouldn’t be complete without an adventurous Uber ride in the rain to see the troll and, of course, the Space Needle.

The only purpose of my trip was to visit friends and see the city a little, so I feel like both were big successes. I would definitely go back to Seattle again. Maybe next time I’ll even be able to visit Mt. Rainier and get a better pic than the one I captured from my seat on the plane.

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