FO Friday: California Love (With a Bonus Knitter in the Wild at Pinners)

I actually had time to craft and finished a long overdue project! Thanks to a kit by Details2Enjoy, it is super easy to make, too.

Back in March I went to Pinners with some friends, and I had intended to write a recap for the blog shortly thereafter. It was right in the middle of my busy couple of months at the end of grad school, and then too much time went by before I had a chance to do the recap justice. As a result, I abandoned it.

A couple weekends ago I had time to have a craft day with friends, and whipped up this piece of art in a matter of minutes. Since I was going to post the finished project, I figured I’d go ahead and do the recap now since Pinners played a pivotal role in my ability to actually achieve a finished object. Maybe someone on the fence about going to a Pinners near them will find the details helpful.

First, some deets on the project. Details2Enjoy has an ingenious concept that I came across at their marketplace booth. They sell box pocket frames with magnetic tops. Remove the top, slide in a new project, and voila! New art to enjoy whenever you want a change. In addition to the frames, which come in two sizes, they sell kits to make various different mixed media 3D signs. You add paint, put the piece together to your liking, insert your creation into the frame and you are done!

My kit came with the back board, the wood cut piece in the shape of California, the wood cut piece of the heart, and the flowers. I painted the back board white, the state outline black, and the heart red. One or two coats of basic acrylic paint from Michael’s and a foam brush was all that was needed. I thought I was going to have to adhere the wood with E6000 or some other adhesive, but the wood came with adhesive backing already! I just had to peel and stick. I love the end of result and will definitely be buying more kits. I already have two picked out that will look great in my kitchen.

As for the rest of Pinners, this was my first time attending, so I didn’t know what to expect. We signed up for four classes, and if I go again next year I will cut that down by one. More time to explore the marketplace would have been better. The classes were mostly good quality and well worth the price I paid.

First up was a hand stamped charm bracelet taught by Rita Pannulla. The class kit included an alpha set, hammer and various other accessories by ImpressArts. It was an excellent value, the kit surely would have cost twice as much had I bought it elsewhere on my own. I had never hand stamped before, and Rita was an excellent instructor. To practice, she had us choose a four letter word to practice before stamping on the actual charm. Since I apparently still have the humor of a juvenile, I chose the first four letter word that came to my mind.

Once we had the basics down, we stamped on a charm to add to a bracelet. I created joy, because that’s what I bring to everyone that knows me. I am also very modest.

The second class I was actually disappointed in. While I very much liked my end product, I didn’t actually learn anything in the class. We were given pre cut wood pieces, some paint and some glue. The instructor talked the entire time, but not about the actual project. I now know way too much about her relationship with her family, though. I guess she had to fill the time, since we literally just had to paint and glue which took all of 5 or 10 minutes.

The next class instantly scared me. When your class kit comes with gloves and an apron, things are about to go down, am I right?!

It actually was my favorite class of the day! Beth Mitchell from PBCreates taught us how to turn a slab of wood into a chalkboard charcuterie board. Look how amazing this turned out!

If you are in the San Diego area, definitely sign up for one of the classes at their workshop.

The last class of the day was a farmhouse card making class taught by Nicole Wiley. I thought Nicole was the most prepared of all of the instructors. Our class kits were assembled in a logical order, her steps were easy to follow, and she really engaged participants in a dialogue. I wouldn’t say I learned a lot, but I have been paper crafting for decades so I didn’t really expect to. It was fun to just zone out and make cards. Look how cute they turned out!

I mentioned earlier in the post that I wish I had more time in the marketplace. Seeing small business make amazing things is half the fun, so here are two of my other favorites from the limited time I had to explore.

Chalkboard and lettering were popular at the show. More than one of us bought chalkboard markers from a local Riverside company called Loddie Doddie. They had cute chalkboards and accessories like magnets for your board, but the pens were the hot ticket.

I also think we all went home with a Pasadena company’s caramels. Bee-kissed Caramels makes her candy with honey instead of corn syrup, and they are delicious. You’ll want to buy more than one package if you plan to share. My package didn’t even make it home.

So, that’s my long-winded recap of Pinners. It was definitely a fun day, and going with crafty girlfriends really enhanced the experience. If a show happens to come to your area, I highly recommend attending and signing up for at least a couple of classes.

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