Stash Enhancement Saturday: WWKIPD @ the Purl Soho Warehouse

Today was World Wide Knit in Public Day. On the second Saturday in June every year, knitters across the land come out to prove to doubters everywhere that people besides older grandmas actually enjoy this hobby. I knit in public all the time, so I don’t really plan around this event, but as someone that has an 83 year old grandma living inside of her, I also don’t know that I am helping the case when it comes to proving knitting is for the younger, more hip set. Regardless, WWKIPD brought me something special this year – an opportunity to peek inside the Purl Soho warehouse.

Some people might not be aware that Purl Soho, one of the most well known yarn shops in the country, actually keeps their warehouse all the way across the United States in sunny Southern California. It is housed in a nondescript industrial looking building in Irvine with only a simple sign on the lawn giving any indication of what the warehouse holds. If you aren’t into fiber arts, you’d probably never guess that behind the doors is magic. Apologies for the poor picture taken from my car at the red light.

The warehouse had a WWKIPD event this morning, so the doors were open, which is quite rare for a weekend. Usually they are only open some weekdays, and only for a few hours. I believe there might be a secret code or handshake involved. This makes it impossible for anyone with a 9-5 type job to stop in. I know, I’ve tried. I have even contemplated taking a personal day so that I could stop in. Today was my chance!

Don’t be discouraged by the very warehouse feel once you enter the doors. If it’s on the website, you’ll find it amongst the tracks. Today you also had to navigate around tables and chairs set up for the event, but I was still able to walk up and down the aisles and look at everything up close.

While the warehouse will never replace my LYS, it was still very worth the visit. A non-knitting friend went with me, and discovered she wanted to try weaving on a loom. Other items on the shelves included embroidery, needle felting, fabric and some jewelry making supplies. Where the Purl Soho experience hits me is in their color combinations they pull together in their kits. I may or may not make the baby blanket pattern that the kit I purchased was made for, but the colors included will make any project I knit beautiful.

Here’s my loot for the day.

I picked up a Purl Sohi zippered bag, the latest issue of Pom Pom Quarterly, and the Four Points Baby Blanket in the Soap color combo on a Linen Quill base.

The sweater on the cover of Pom Pom is the Tesserae Tee by Marjorie Martin, and it is 100% why I picked up this magazine. Inside are several other cute patterns and it is well worth the cost of the edition.

The yarn is Purl Soho’s own Linen Quill, which is a fingering weight blend of wool, alpaca and linen. The Soap bundle includes a skein each of Honey Pink, Wheat Flower, Peony Pink and Rose Granite. My pictures do not do the colors justice.

If you are ever in Irvine on a random weekday, just when the timing is right, I highly recommend a stop in. It won’t replace going to the New York store, but it will hold you over until your next trip east.

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