Stash Enhancement Saturday: The Bookworm Life Planner

Today’s review combines two of my favorite loves – reading and planning. I’ve been an avid reader all of my life. Some of my earliest memories involve my great grandmother taking me to the library and coming home with armfuls of books to read each week. I am sure getting to feed the ducks that lived in the pond behind the library added to the allure, but books became my happy place at a very young age and it continues today.

Given my love of paper products almost rivals my love of reading, when one of my favorite etsy shops combined the two together, it was a given I’d be forking over my money. I present The Bookworm Life planner by Peanut Butter Taco!

This planner was made for book lovers. If you know anyone that has a to be read list longer than they will ever be able to get through, with piles of books on their nightstand, or in multiple book clubs, then you have found their next birthday gift. You’re welcome.

The first couple of pages allows for list making. How about adding the books you want to read in this bookshelf? Or maybe a list of upcoming releases you don’t want to forget about? The Bookworm Life planner has you covered.

After you have set goals for the year, the planner moves into the monthly pages. Each month gets another listing opportunity along with a quote. The monthly calendar has boxes large enough to easily fit most quarter and half box planner stickers. The monthly version has one 7 box page along with a dot grid page after the monthly calendar, and weekly versions have enough of the 7 box pages to last a month if you wanted to use this planner as your main planner. Each month ends with an opportunity to wrap up your reading progress, as well.

Behind the 12 months of the year, several different summary pages are included. First, revisit those goals you made at the beginning of the year. Did you read any stinkers you just couldn’t finish? Or do you feel like some books were so good they deserved awards? That’s covered, too. Books turned into movies and favorite quotes get dedicated pages, and there are several pages to record reviews.

It is clear that a lot of thought went into designing the functionality of this planner by someone that loves books.

When I ordered this planner, my plan was to actually take it apart and use my favorite pages in my regular planner. I figured I’d just uncoil both planners, pick out the pages I wanted, and then recoil it back up. After receiving this, though, I have reconsidered that as an option. The Bookworm Lufe planner works really well as a self contained reading log. It has a distinctive look that I think would be jarring mixed in with my other planner, so I’ll be using this one intact. It is bright and colorful, which makes for happy pages, but the design aesthetic may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I also worry a little about the coil, as it is a little on the flimsy side, but as long as I don’t throw it into my tote, it should be fine.

Overall, I would recommend this as a gift for the book lover in your life, or for yourself if that book lover is you.

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