avatar2Hi and thanks for visiting!

While I do have a full time job, this blog is all about my passions during my downtime when I like to party.  And by party I mean read books and do crafty stuff.   I started this blog because I am pretty sure all of my friends, coworkers, men I date and random people on the street are tired of hearing me talk about the stuff I am making.  Or thinking about making.  Or bought the stuff to make. So rather than torture them anymore, I decided to torture random people on the internet.  Namely you.  You’re welcome.

If you are visiting this page regularly, I thought you might like to know a little about me.  The girl that reads more books than you can shake a stick at and is in not one, but multiple book clubs?  That girl that makes up lists of things she can take pictures just to practice her photography skills?  That girl that learns how to do a new craft and then proceeds to buy enough supplies to stock a small craft store from the studio in her home?  That’s me!  

As I write this short biography, I am currently obsessed with knitting, decorative planning, taking pictures of all the historical landmarks in my state, and working on my quest to become the MacGyver of the kitchen.  I am also on quests to see a baseball game in every MLB stadium in the country, eat at all 101 best restaurants in Los Angeles, and dominate my various fantasy football leagues.  I’d prefer to do this all in flip flops…I am a California girl after all.  

I should probably also introduce you to the sausages, since I can’t seem to take a picture without one of them dog photobombing it.  I currently have two dachshund mixes – a chiweenie named Chorizo von Bratwurst and a doxiepin named Andouille von Sauerkraut.  Yes, those are their real names.  No, I’m not kidding.  Here they are in all their photobombing glory.  Helpers

I won’t be offended if you visit more to see what they are up to instead of me.  I find them more fascinating, too.  I mean, look how cute they are!

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