Advent Calendar Palooza: Cricketmas Day 3

In today’s Cricket Paper Co advent calendar, Cricketmas gives me more top game for my planner.  This one is cute, for sure.  If I were going to have some top game, this little Cricket clip would definitely be a contender.  Cute as it is, though, it’s still falling off in my bag. I am not […]

Advent Calendar Palooza: Jimmy Beans Craftvent Day 22

As I start to get to the end of these advent calendars, I’ve started jotting down my thoughts in preparation for the final day so that I can summarize how I feel about them as a whole.  I still get excited every morning to see what’s in the Jimmy Beans box, so that’s a good […]

Advent Calendar Palooza: Simply Gilded 12 Days of Christmas Day 9

Despite galaxy themed products that seemed to take over in the planner community this year, I was never a big fan.  I don’t know why, I didn’t actively dislike it or anything.  It just wasn’t my jam.  Had I had access to the washi in today’s Simply Gilded package, however, I could have been converted.  […]

Advent Calendar Palooza: 12 Days of Burton Day 9

I still haven’t figured put yesterday’s sticker inspiration for So Berry Busy’s 12 Days of Burton, but today’s is easy to figure out!  I mean, for one, the quotes have the person’s name right next to them.  😂  But the Edward Scissorhands influence on the other sheet of stickers is also pretty obvious.  I like […]

Advent Calendar Palooza: Cricketmas Day 4

In case it isn’t obvious with the Cricketmas countdown to date, my favorite envelopes are the ones with stickers in them.  Today, Cricket Paper Co gives us more labels, quarter boxes and half boxes, this time with glitter.   This color scheme has been great for mixing and matching.

Advent Calendar Palooza: Jimmy Beans Craftvent Day 21

Hey, hey, look what’s back for another round of what’s in the box – it’s Lorna Laces Shepherd Sock in Pewter again!  (I have run out of witty things to say about the advent calendars.  I still love them and am glad I did this, but how many was is there to really say look, […]

Advent Calendar Palooza: 12 Days of Burton Day 8

Today, So Berry Busy has confused me.  I recognize the quote on the dashboard.  I appreciate the extra event stickers.  I am not sure what the character stickers are.  I know Tim Burton movies pretty well, or at least I thought I did.  So either my brain has quit for the day or I am […]

Advent Calendar Palooza: Cricketmas Day 5

Day 5 of Cricketmas means there are only 5 days until Christmas and that freaks me out a little.  While I am mostly done shopping, I still have one or two things to pick up and I am almost out of time. In today’s envelope, Cricket Paper Co gives us bow stickers and a dashboard.  […]

Advent Calendar Palooza: Jimmy Beans Craftvent Day 20

I can’t believe it is already day 20.  Despite knowing that the color repeat means I pretty much know what’s in these last few boxes, I can’t help but still be excited to open them every morning.  In today’s Craftvent box, we get more Anzula Nebula in the Au Natural colorway.