Advent Calendar Palooza: Simply Gilded 12 Days of Christmas Day 12

It is time to open up the final package of the Simply Gilded advent calendar. From feeling the packaging,  I knew it wasn’t going to be washi, so I wasn’t all that surprised when this super cute and adorable key chain popped out.



I like the various charms used, the only thing missing is a washi roll charm.

Let’s talk the advent calendar as a whole.  I got everything in the pic below for $54.  Based on pricing for washi from SG normally, I’d guess the washi was at least $40 of the package, plus we got the key chain, magnet, sticky notes, and bow charm and clip.  I think the price is completely reasonable and that I got my money’s worth.


One of the things I like the most was that the washi was not holiday specific.  I’ll be able to use these items year round.  My favorite rolls were the swans and the constellations,  but there really wasn’t a bad roll in the bunch.

Not only would I buy another SG advent calendar, I would give it as a gift to a paper crafter without hesitation.  Everyone can always use more washi,  and SG washi is excellent quality.  My only suggestion for possible improvement next year would to have coordinated colors, or even options for coordinating color themes if you want to buy more than one.

Advent Calendar Palooza: 12 Days of Burton Day 12

For the last day of 12 Days of Burton, So Berry Busy gives us a whole kit!


I appreciate that the kit incorporates many of the characters from Burton movies into one place.  I like that it has date covers, full boxes, lots of quarter and half boxes, and a weekend banner – all of the elements I use the most in a kit.

Let’s talk about the advent calendar as a whole.  For the 12 packages, I paid $59.99 CAD, which was around $44 USD after the conversion.  For that price,  we got tons of stickers, washi, notepads, and die cuts.  As all of this was unique, hand drawn art, so I think the price was very reasonable.

As for the content itself, I am a Tim Burton fan (clearly, or I wouldn’t have purchased it) so I will use most of the items, but I do think it was heavy on Nightmare Before Christmas.  I would have appreciated a bit more balance given how vast the movie empire to pull from is.

I would purchase an advent calendar from this company again,  if the theme is different.  I do think it was marketed for a very niche audience, so I don’t know that I would have gifted this year to anyone, but should next year be a broader theme I absolutely would gift it to planner friends.  Blaine has a very unique style and I think it is totally different than other products on the market

Advent Calendar Palooza: Cricketmas Day 1

I could tell by the shape of the package as I felt it, today’s Cricket Paper Co envelope was not going to be stickers, but for the life of me I couldn’t even guess what it was.  0erhaps that’s because I am not a pin collector,  because after I opened it, it was fairly obvious in retrospect.



It’s cute.  The shop character has lot of personality.  I probably won’t put it to use just because pins aren’t my jam, but I can appreciate it.

No wrap up of Cricketmas today because this countdown came with an extra bonus package to open up on Christmas Day!

Advent Calendar Palooza: Jimmy Beans Craftvent Day 24

We’ve made it to the final day!  For day 24 of Craftvent, Jimmy Beans gave us finishing material.   There’s a darning needle for weaving in ends, a tag you can see on, some beads for tassels if you want them,  and a package of Soak.


The finishing items are a nice touch!

Now that all 24 boxes are open, let’s evaluate the advent calendar as a whole.  For the cost of $150, I received over 1100 yards of lyxury yarn by popular dyers, a Namaste bag, a set of needles, a Joji Locatelli pattern, and finishing accessories.  In addition,  I got the fun of opening a package every day, a super cute storage box, and a choice of colorways when I ordered. Compared to other yarn based advent calendars I saw on the market, this one was a pretty good value.

In terms of potential drawbacks, if you were to buy this as a gift and the recipient was a very picky knitter, they may not enjoy the mystery knit-a-long pattern or the limited color choices.  It was also hard to keep up with the knitting every day, so expectations should be kept in check about the pace of the project.

I would definitely buy another one next year, provided it was a different pattern.  I would also give as a gift, since most of the knitters I know are not of the picky variety.


Advent Calendar Palooza: Simply Gilded 12 Days of Christmas Day 11

I think today might be the last roll of washi in Simply Gilded’s advent calendar.  I have felt up all the packages, and tomorrow’s does not feel like a roll, so when I opened today’s I wasn’t sure what to expect.   Would it be an intricate pattern like the swans or stars?  Would it be the signature bow?

It’s polka dot bow washi!




Advent Calendar Palooza: 12 Days of Burton Day 11

Today’s package from So Berry Busy made me smile.  When I bought the 12 Days of Burton, I think I assumed that each day would be themed around a specific movie, but instead the packages seem a bit more random, which has made predicting the contents hard.  For day 11, we have products inspired buly two of my favorites – Beetlejuice and Nightmare Before Christmas.


The Beetlejuice stickers are adorable, but I need to give special attention to the sticky notes.  They are a great example of why I think Blaine is brilliant.   She perfectly takes what was a tiny scene in the Nightmare Before Christmas and applies it to the perfect product.  Yes, I will continue to try to work out the meaning of Christmas with my pen on this paper!



Advent Calendar Palooza: Simply Gilded 12 Days of Christmas Day 10

I know I continue to gush over the packaging for Simply Gilded’s advent calendar, but it is just so pretty.  I have been thinking about doing advent calendar style gifts for friends next year, so I wonder if Irene will tell me her source.

Today, SG gives us more washi, this time in the 5mm size.  The colors coordinate well with some of the other colors that have been used for other washi in the calendar.  I appreciate the 5mm size – it’s perfect if you just need to divide a box into smaller sections.




Advent Calendar Palooza: 12 Days of Burton Day 10

So Berry Busy’s artistic talent truly amazes me.  I hope Blaine knows how talented she truly is.  Each say that I open the package in the 12 Days of Burton box, I am always delighted.

Today, Fang is on a dashboard, goes down the rabbit hole in homage to Alice in Wonderland,  and celebrates the weekend.