Stash Enhancement Saturday – on a Sunday: Cosmo by Lecien Floss Bobbins

I have been in a very cross stitch mood as of late and my supplies are kind of strewn all over the table.  I knew I needed to buy some bobbins and wind the floss, but it kind of annoys me that the only real option to organize floss is the bobbin/plastic box option. I […]

Happy New Year! Let’s Set Some 2017 Goals

I spent New Year’s Eve the same way I do every year lately – celebrating when the east cost ball drops and then going to bed at a reasonable west coast hour like most boring, old ladies.  😀  I know how to party. Leading up to the change on the calendar, discussion often turns to […]

Stash Enhancement Saturday: Pretty Little Los Angeles

You may recall that I do other crafts in addition to knitting.  When I cross-stitch, I like to do more modern patterns, and the one WIP I have posted here was part of the Pretty Little cities patterns from Satsuma Street.  I have been working on Pretty Little Italy, and have Pretty Little Paris queued […]