Stash Enhancement Saturday – on a Sunday: Cosmo by Lecien Floss Bobbins

I have been in a very cross stitch mood as of late and my supplies are kind of strewn all over the table.  I knew I needed to buy some bobbins and wind the floss, but it kind of annoys me that the only real option to organize floss is the bobbin/plastic box option. I […]

Stash Enhancement Saturday: Washi Storage

I have been in search for the best way to store my washi for awhile.  I’ve tried tape dispensers of all shapes, throwing them all in a bowl or a box, and just leaving them in the packages they come in.  Nothing was really working for me.  And then  I saw a genius idea in […]

Stash Enhancement Saturday: XL Interchangeable Knitting Needle Case

The phrase stash enhancement typically refers to new yarn purchases that enter a fiber artist’s home.  However, in this blog I’ll be using it to label posts for all kinds of purchases that are related to my crafty endeavors.  It will often be yarn – I am sure I will be on an episode of […]